Music Therapy with Drew Laney, MT-BC

Using music, singing, and related activities to enhance the well being of children, elderly, and hospice patients. Providing stimulation, comfort, and care to others through the power of music therapy.

Different means exist to communicate and touch people – music is one of the most powerful. Music is part of our everyday lives; it is the essence of cultural and societal fabric. Music can entertain, soothe, comfort, heal, unite, romance, and entrance us. Music can cause us to sing, dance, clap, laugh, cry, and/or exhibit a limitless range of emotions. We each vividly remember music’s special moments, forever linked in time with the special memories of our lives. Music helps to unlock those memories and special feelings.

Turtle Radio

Turtle RadioLaney MusicTurtle Radio is an hour-long radio program broadcast each Monday from 3PM to 4PM in Nashville, to the special delight of younger audiences. Auntie Bobbin works her radio magic, by transforming the hour into an exotic adventure to foreign lands and cultures for her young voyager-listeners. Auntie Bobbin also appears locally in the greater Nashville community, performing sing-along story time programs at neighborhood elementary schools, libraries, churches, and local book stores.

Reminisce Radio

Reminisce RadioReminisce Radio takes listeners down Memory Lane every Monday from 4PM to 5PM, to enjoy the golden music era of the 1920’s to the 1950’s. For an hour, Brokaw’s “Greatest Generation” can experience the incredible renewal of priceless memories, through Big Band Era conductors, Rat Pack Era singers, etc. These are moments almost forgotten over the years – but rekindled through music. In addition, music therapy programs are offered in the greater Nashville community at senior centers, nursing homes, hospitals, and for hospice care patients.

This website is dedicated to fireandrain music, and to the people of all ages who might rediscover a small, misplaced part of themselves through music. This website celebrates the power of music to transform and renew. Enjoy!

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