Elena Mannes is the writer of The Power Of Music.  If you have questions about the science of music, this is your book.  Mannes tackles questions about how different sounds affect different groups of people, and what parts of the brain are activated by music.  She also touches on how music can play a role in therapy and health care. Because I am especially fascinated by what parts of the brain are activated by music, this is my favorite “go to” book right now.Read More →

Some goals of Music Therapy for older adults with Dementia Memory recall Awareness of self and environment Decrease of agitation Increase of a positive mood Stress reduction Structure for neurological rehabilitation Life reflection Social interactionRead More →

Below is a letter of thanks that I received from the daughter of an Alzheimer’s patient whom I work with (reprinted with her permission): As I was walking down the hall with my mother, then a fairly recent resident of Memory Care, I heard cheerful music coming from the activities room. When we entered Drew greeted my mother by name, and I soon realized she knew all the residents and their musical preferences. I had a wonderful time (It’s fun learning songs my parents grew up with) and from that day on I have tried never to miss a session of Drew’s music. For meRead More →

What do I enjoy about being a Music Therapist? What I like to do as an MT? Here are some thoughts/memories: In an older adult facility, many of my clients have various stages of memory impairment, physical challenges, and fears. I try to honor each person as an individual and respect their family’s wishes. In a Hospice situation, I try to offer a safe place for family members to hug their loved one with music and gently say ‘goodbye’. Many people have different views on what a person can hear during their stages of dying. I lean toward the possibilities of hearing on some levelRead More →