Sleet silenced my radio programs on Monday 1/14/13.  At 2:45 I was all ready for Turtle Radio  (3PM to 4PM) and the following Reminisce Radio (4PM to 5PM).  I didn’t think too much of the sleet that was falling, but checked on it anyway to see how hard it might be to get down off the mountain after the shows. ( Did I mention that the station is up a mountain behind The Loveless Cafe? ) It seemed slick to me, so I called our fearless Manager Ginny. She told me to scoot home because there was a weather advisory until 8AM tomorrow morning, and she’dRead More →

One goal of music therapy is to reduce stress. This is usually welcome information to clients. They are often worried about the next needle or medical judgement coming their way. Singing songs and/or playing rhythm instruments is an easy, fun and safe way to allow a client to be part of a group in an equal way and to connect to others. It even helps with sound discrimination, speaking mechanics, and keeping the speaking voice stronger than it would be without singing. This is especially true for the person with Parkinson’s Disease. Singing improves deep breathing. Singing helps relax the jaw and shoulders. It isRead More →