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Guitarsmall2“…My mother always loved singing and music, and when the evils of dementia began to rob her of many of her pleasures, listening to music was one of the few remaining joys. Honestly, as time went on, my mother was almost non-verbal for most of the day. But when Robert Kendrick came and played a familiar tune such as “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” on his keyboard, or Drew Laney picked out something such as “Bicycle Built for Two” or “You Are My Sunshine” on her guitar, Mother’s weak but willing voice would spontaneously join in and her little foot would tap happily along. Yes, the days when Robert or Drew brought their music were good days for Mother…”
“Music for Seniors Program Celebrates New Album Free Concert” – Music for Seniors – The Tennessean

Guitarsmall2“Drew is an incredible person, with incredible musical talents.”
“Therapist Ratings” – Ratings Network

Guitarsmall2“…[S]ince Annabel began working with Drew, her family has noticed huge improvements in her memory. “I mean, when you hear music, it brings back the emotions of the time when you first heard it or when it was your favorite song. It keeps all those memories alive in a way,” said Annabel’s daughter Melinda Coles. “I was actually pretty amazed.” Not Drew. She knows the power of music firsthand because it healed her once, too…She’s now been at The Blakeford at Green Hills for seven years. She works mostly with patients who have dementia or Alzheimer’s, who often doubt themselves when she asks if they know the words to a certain song.”
“Senior Citizens Thrive With Music Therapy” – WTVF Television, News Channel 5, Nashville

Guitarsmall2“…Drew Laney is another volunteer who delights Ruth with her visits. Drew is a music therapy volunteer, and never misses an opportunity to stop by Mrs. McDade’s room. Ruth becomes visibly relaxed when Drew sings in her crystal clear voice and plays soothing guitar. But the music isn’t always a solo performance, and both women light up when Ruth breaks out in song. Between songs, Ruth and Drew chat, and Drew’s focused attention makes it obvious that, at that moment, nothing is more important than hearing stories of days gone by…”
“Ruth McDade Knows What She Wants” – Alive Hospice Annual Report, page 9

Guitarsmall2“…Drew Laney was wrapping up back-to-back afternoon slots. The first is an hour of kid-friendly music with a different theme every week. The second, a show called Reminisce Radio, offers big-band swing and ballads geared toward the demographic who grew up dancing the Jitterbug. Laney, a music therapist, said that the shows grew out of her work with young children and elderly patients in cognitive decline. On the drive back from the station, Laney’s old-time tunes segued into a conversation about enlightenment, souls, the heart’s right ventricle and blue-white celestial light…”
“Nashville Scene” – John Klein Wilson