Dancing in the Dark

Dancing in the Dark

When was the last time you heard Peggy Lee sing “How Deep Is The Ocean”?  How about  Lena Horne’s “Stormy Weather”? 

Tune in this Monday, January 14, 2013 to Reminisce Radio Reminisce Radio and you’ll hear those and much more.  It’s been raining (“Noah style”) here in Nashville, so see if you can guess some more songs that will be in our Reminisce Radio hour.

PS – no promises, but I’m looking for Abbott & Costello’s Moby Dick, for Jack and Paul – may they giggle forever.

Laney Music celebrates Dancing in the DarkComing up for Reminisce Radio Reminisce Radioon January 21st, we will be Dancing In The Dark.  I know you’ll be glad you set out your candles and put on your favorite dancing shoes for Ray Eberle’s “At Last”, Duke Ellington’s “Embracable You”, and Ella Fizgerald’s “Let’s Face The Music And Dance”.  You might want to get your tennis shoes out for Louis Jordan’s “Doug The Jitterbug” and Ben Pollack’s “Charleston”.

What are some of your favorite dance memories?  High School dances? College? Cotillion?  Who did you dance with?  What did you wear?  How did you style your hair?  Would you sing along at the end on “Goodnight Sweetheart….till we meet tomorrow”? I would love to know.  We’ll create another dancing show together.