Letter of Thanks

Letter of Thanks

Below is a letter of thanks that I received from the daughter of an Alzheimer’s patient whom I work with (reprinted with her permission):

As I was walking down the hall with my mother, then a fairly recent resident of Memory Care, I heard cheerful music coming from the activities room. When we entered Drew greeted my mother by name, and I soon realized she knew all the residents and their musical preferences. I had a wonderful time (It’s fun learning songs my parents grew up with) and from that day on I have tried never to miss a session of Drew’s music.

For me it is both an activity to share with my mother (her favorite activity) and a rare opportunity to sing just for fun. Drew is a wonderful musician and she has an enthusiastic, patient, caring attitude that lifts people’s spirits. With gentle encouragement she draws out and praises some level of participation from each resident.

Sing-alongs are not only a pleasure for people of any age, they are especially important for the memory-impaired because music touches memory at a much deeper level than written or spoken words. I have often both witnessed and personally experienced the beneficial effects of Risky Rhythm, and am grateful that Drew provides such an enjoyable experience for us.

Ann Barnette

Thank you for such a warm and wonderful letter!