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Join Auntie Bobbin each Monday, and let her guide you on a musical tour from Nashville to New Orleans, China, Ghana, Mexico and other favorite cities and countries. You will be entertained by multicultural stories and songs that Auntie Bobbin chooses to encourage self respect and understanding of different peoples. She also chooses tunes that are grown-up friendly (and only rarely plays songs with helium voices 🙂 ).

You’ll hear rock, jazz, blues, folk, reggae, country, and curious fusions. If you like Louis Armstrong, Trout Fishing In America, Alison Krauss, Sweet Honey In The Rock, Dan Zanes,Cathy and Marcy, and The Ramones; please tune in to one of Auntie Bobbin’s shows. TURTLE RADIO educates, informs, inspires, and entertains children. CLICK HERE to read TURTLE RADIO’s Program Booklet, and learn more about its mission statement and programming objectives for children.

You can hear Auntie Bobbin’s TURTLE RADIO live on Mondays from 3PM to 4PM Central Time, on Radio Station 107.1 WRFN-LPFM Radio Free Nashville. Or if you’re driving by The Loveless Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee, you can tune in and join in on Radio 107.1FM.  Auntie Bobbin hosts an hour of delighful music and coversation. Starting the week on Monday feels a little easier with TURTLE RADIO.

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Even if it’s not Monday, you can still listen to Auntie Bobbin and sing along with her. A selection of Auntie Bobbin’s TURTLE RADIO shows are available for listening on this website. Some show theme favorites (such as “Getting Along”, “Hi Jean/Hygiene”, “Water, Water, Everywhere!”, “Happy Earth Day”, “Musical Travel”, “ABC Fun”, etc.) are just a few clicks away:

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CLICK HERE if you would like to be transported to the magic world of TURTLE RADIO online…